MATOKE (ya Nyama)

It has been a while since I had Matoke. Yesterday i craved it so much I just had to make it; the best way I know how. Matoke is an East African staple dish made from green bananas. The perfect bananas for Matoke are normally short and thick compared to other types of bananas. There … More MATOKE (ya Nyama)

Fried Fulu

​There’s omena then there’s fulu. Have you ever heard of fulu before?  First things first, Omena are ‘tiny fish’ from Lake Victoria (I don’t know of omena from any other place) They are usually harvested in masses & sun dried and thereafter used for human and/or animal consumption. I have always known omena by two … More Fried Fulu


​Pita bread is a round, leavened flatbread that is mostly consumed in several Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. It is traditionally an Arabic bread. The main characteristic of this bread is that it is flat but has a pocket between the two flat layers. ‘Pita‘ is a Greek term, which literally translates to ‘flat’.  I … More HOMEMADE PITA BREAD