Potatoes feature prominently on my cheat days’ menu; and there’s always fresh Cabbage to accompany them. I really love potatoes and I cannot resist them. Could be a result of where I grew up. It’s a staple there. I am always down for French fries, Viazi Karai, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes & these Bhajias. And … More BHAJIA & COLESLAW

The Yul’s Burger

I just remembered Thee Burger I had last weekend and I feel like I’m about to cry right now…😭 Last Sunday a very good friend of Mr.Man invited us to lunch at his place. He had prepared Ugali & Fried Goat Meat mixed with Spinach. Was it good or GOOD!!!? It had been a while … More The Yul’s Burger

Coffee Pancakes

I am crazy about pancakes. And I pretty much prefer having them instead of toast in the morning. I mainly love them because they’re easy to experiment different flavours on and they’re fun to make. The first time I made Coffee pancakes it was pretty accidental. I was mixing my ingredients right under the shelf … More Coffee Pancakes