Do you ever close your eyes as you taste and savour each and every nuanced flavour in your mouth? Do you always look forward to your next dining experience? Do you first let the aroma ‘sink in’ every time you’re served with hot food? Have you ever dreamt of a private cooking class from any of the top chefs you see on TV or magazines? ‘Cause i have…. More than enough times.

I admit it. I’m a foodie ☺

And if you’re out there and you’re always fundamentally turned on by food, you’re such a foodie. If it excites and inspires you, you know what you are.

I love food. I am very curious about it. Very enthusiastic too. Being a foodie isn’t always about eating all day, every day. It’s more of appreciating food and wanting to know more about it. Where it’s from, where it’s been, how it’s made, who made it and obviously, how it tastes. See, it isn’t just about satisfying hunger or thirst.

The party that goes on inside a foodie’s mouth when eating good food can’t really be explained. It’s a celebration. Pure delight.

Every foodie loves discovering and sharing something new they come across in the food industry and I’m not an exception.

Join me as i explore, experiment and enjoy the flavours of the world. Whether it’s from homes, the streets, hole-in-the-wall restaurants or five star hotels.


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