When I see Gin the only thing I think about is the Nastiest Alcohol Experience I’ve ever had. First things first, I don’t like alcohol much because it burns/stings my tongue and throat. But maybe that will change soon after I am done here.

The first time I tasted Gin I literally almost passed out. The things I felt in my head. Or maybe it’s because I didn’t “nurse it” (like drink slowly).

And I wouldn’t recommend it for a first time drinker not unless of course it’s a Negroni.

delish cocktails (2)

A Negroni is simply a cocktail made from Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari. And of course ice cubes in an old fashioned rocks glass.

The vermouth and campari are both liqueurs with pleasant aromas and taste which help alot with the piney smell and taste of the gin.

It’s simple and classic like that.

Now my tounge won’t sting from drinking Gin.




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