Oh Mango!

There’s something absolutely delightful about this tropical fruit. Could be it’s colour, taste or scent. I totally love mangoes. Eaten as it is (with a little red chilli. Very yummy!) , juiced or grilled, anything does it for me.

It’s been in season locally and before the good ones disappear, let’s make a not-so-regular dish out of it. Mango Salsa!


Yes. There is something like that.

Mango salsa is a type of sweet condiment that goes with anything“(in my case);moreso fish or chicken. There is everything to love in this dish. Sweet fruit, spicy chilli, grassy coriander, mild red onions with a dash of olive oil. Every ingredient has it’s own flavour. It’s really easy to make and the best part is, you can play around with the flavours. You can add salt to taste, some jalapeño or black peppers, tomatoes or even black beans.

Now there’s something to add to your menu.


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