Mama’s birthday was this week and I had to make her something. And what are birthdays without cake? Cakes make every occasion better. People light up at the sight of cakes. I know I do.

I thought of buying her one but then it would be the usual stuff we have all the time. So I decided to make her one. Which was totally risky and experimental.

With all the love I have for cooking, somehow baking gives me headaches. Like baking cake. I am always worried about it rising, sinking in the middle or burning. I know what it’s like to pull a baking tin out of the oven and there’s just a great smelling mess and not know what to do.It’s heartbreaking ’cause you clearly can’t eat it.

I knew a simple vanilla cake would do because that’s the much I can do. I’m no pro at baking cakes though they’re edible;most of the time. But then, there had to be a twist or something interesting with it, at least. I had everything a cake needs except for butter. But I still had to make it; without the butter. So it’ll be safe to call it Butterless Sponge Cake(with Meringue & Blueberries on top) for now.


That’s the interesting bit!

I baked my butterless vanilla cake, covered it with meringue and topped it all with blueberries.

It was moist and yummy; if I must say so myself.

Oh, I used cooking oil in place of butter and nobody could tell.


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