avo rose

Take a look around and see what’s  popping these days (on the ‘gram mostly). The new way to present avocado is in rose form; yes, that’s what’s up! #AvocadoRose is the new thing. You just don’t slice and shove anymore because even crushing avocado to make guacamole doesn’t cut it. Not that I mind having guacamole.

This latest food styling trend is so so cool you could stare at the pretty green rose on your plate the whole day. And the best thing is that you don’t have to be a trained culinary artist to get it right.

Being an avolover I definitely had to try it out. And I would love to believe that I got it.


So how do we create art with avocado? First make sure you have an avocado that isn’t overly ripe.
Cut avocado in half and peel off the skin. Lay one half of the avocado, cut side down, and slice the avocado thinly. You want the slices to be quite thin so that they’re easier to shape. If you want a smaller rose, you’ll only want to use 1/2 of the slices. Use all the slices if you want a large flower.
Fan out avocado slices so that they form a long line with the slices overlapping each other. Remove the small slices from the ends because they are difficult to shape. Starting from one end, curl avocado slices toward the center. Continue curling the avocado slices until you get a rose. Serve avocado rose as desired…so long as it’s pretty 🙂

avo rose 2

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