Smoothie bowls are the new fun way to kick-start your day on a healthy note. They are refreshing, filling but not too heavy. The many I have seen and made are very colourful to begin with, they have different textures & there’s always some pretty interesting arrangements going on in the bowl. And you know what they say about food? You first eat with your eyes. That’s why, the smoothie bowls are such a big hit.

So what makes a smoothie bowl? Basically the same things that makes the smoothie you sip from a glass using a straw. The ingredients possibilities are endless. But there are basics- fruits and liquid (water, juice or milk; non-dairy or dairy). You can also try out a variety of other things from greens, protein powders, boosters to sweeteners to make it just as you want.


This one is just a basic avocado smoothie bowl with fewer ingredients but still very tasty and nutritious. In it there is:-
1 Avocado, medium sized, peeled and diced
1 banana, chopped
1/2 to 1 cup fresh orange juice
Half teaspoon flax seeds
Pieces of Loquats

Into the blender throw in the avocado, banana, orange juice and flax seeds. Blend until everything is all smooth but thick enough to not pass through a straw. Pour into a bowl and top with loquats & a few flax seeds. Grab your spoon and eat everything in the bowl 🙂

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