This is my first restaurant review and I will only talk about the food mostly. Why food? If I started talking about the wall paints and lights and chairs and tables I’ll never stop.

Snack Attack Kenya
is part of the bigger franchise that’s in United Arab Emirates. There are about 3 of the quick restaurants in the country;  2 in Nairobi and 1 in Mombasa. A quick serve restaurant is a specific type of restaurant that serves fast food cuisine and has minimal table service. And that is exactly what happens at Snack Attack.

I first heard of Snack Attack a few months back while I was in Nairobi but I never had the chance to go to any of the restaurants. But I kept hearing of the very famous ‘loaded fries’. That they make the best. Been planning to visit but it kept skipping my mind.

So one opened up near me in Mombasa (Nyali Centre) I literally had no excuse. Then again I’m only going there months after it opened. I know 😞… I kid you not, my expectations were very high. I expected perfection. Perfect fries. Perfect burgers. Perfect lemonade. Therefore this afternoon the boyfriend & I decided to go try it out. And we decided to start with the basic items on the menu… Though I was dying to try the Loaded Fries.

The lady who served us suggested some items on the menu and we settled for the DuoDeal that is real simple as I wanted to start and that is a very great deal if I may add. Two complete meals (French fries, burger & lemonade your choice) All at Kshs.999.

French Fries
: This girl loves potatoes and french fries more specifically. So differentiating bad and good fries is pretty easy. The fries were perfect. And I’m not just saying this for the sake of it. I love long chips with a little crunch. And they were that.

: I had a chicken burger and my boyfriend had a classic beef burger. I had a bite off his and I almost ordered another beef burger for me. The patty was juicy, the bun was fresh and soft. And there was enough cheese for him just like he loves it. My chicken burger was was great as well. The chicken was crisp outside, very soft and we’ll done inside which is very important. Nobody loves to see red in their piece of chicken. I loved it.

: Other than the regular soft drinks they have, Snack Attack have some pretty awesome signature lemonades. Who doesn’t love lemonades? Not me. I was torn between the Mint & Strawberry lemonade but I settled for Mint. I mean, I’m not growing a mint plant on my balcony for nothing. I love mint. It’s very refreshing. And so was the lemonade. My boyfriend had a Passion lemonade. I had some of it 😂 As I am not very crazy about anything passion-ey, I liked it.

? The food is great. And pocket friendly compared to other restaurants of their stature.The sitting arrangement is pretty cool by the way. You can use the booths or the conventional table & chairs. But I would recommend sitting in the booths because you’ll be so full afterwards you might need to just sit back and relax a little as you sip on the lemonade.

I’ll be having one of the Loaded Fries soon… let’s wait and see how it goes.

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