Bye ’17, Hello ’18! 

This year I decided to be deliberate in doing something serious with my love for food and I did it. I shared my love for food through photography and writing. I have so much learning to do still in this field in terms of cooking techniques, photography and generally the business of blogging(hopefully I will get to start vlogging soon) Thankfully, every little or big thing I did  got me somewhere I never thought I’d reach in 2017. 

I love cooking. It makes me happy and it calms me down in ways you can’t imagine. Sometimes the cooking doesn’t always go to plan but I always keep trying till I get it right. And that’s what life has been for me this year really. Winning and failing in equal measure and challenging myself to always do a lot more because I’m capable of it. 

I would have loved to share my New Year’s buffet (Lol) but I cannot due to unavoidable circumstances. I also won’t be cooking anything for the next week or so till I’m abit settled and fully recovered from this awful flu that weighing me down. 

To you who has been reading or viewing my blog, thank you so much. The thought of you even clicking really counts and I hope I’ll do so much better to make you stick around.

I’m ready for the new year, new dawn, new me. 

Happy New Year All! 


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