The Kitchen Bistro & Bar is a new restaurant in Mombasa (Nyali area around Links Road). If I am not wrong they opened their doors on 16th April or thereabouts so they’re slightly over a month now. It is a bistro type of restaurant that serves simple meals that are mostly inspired by Italian-French home-style cooking. And if you ask me, it was a much needed addition to Mombasa’s culinary world.

I had passed by The Kitchen Bistro countless times; but I had never set foot in it. And that is mainly because I am not very big on eating out and no friend(or foe 😀 ) had recommended it yet. For me, when it comes to eating out, I prefer going to places where people I know have been to before. Because then, I know what to look forward to and then I go well prepared. But that was not the case with The Kitchen Bistro…

I was going through my Facebook feed on Saturday afternoon when I came across a post saying they would be introducing something new and exciting at the restaurant that would get us to experience Thailand. I have had Thai food before but I was still pretty excited about having that Thai food experience at The Kitchen Bistro.

So the Thai food experience (or the menu tasting) started at 12noon and ended at around 3pm. It was served buffet style so trust me, I had everything apart from the Vegetable Tempura & Spring Rolls (and I honestly don’t know how I forgot to pick those two.)

We got there at around 1.30pm. Oh yeah, I took my boyfriend aka Fellow Foodie with me. We didn’t eat in the morning because we were really looking forward to the Thai food experience at the restaurant and we had plenty of space to sample everything.

First on the menu was the two soups & starters. Chicken Laksa Soup & Zucchini Thai Soup and Thai Style Fish Cakes & Vegetable Spring Rolls. I voluntarily picked the Zucchini Thai Soup and some nicely done veggies (can’t remember what they were called) because Mr.Man isn’t a very big fan of vegetables. He saw ‘chicken’ on the other soup so he went with that and the fishcakes.

We ended up switching our soups halfway so we could have a taste of what the other was having and we really loved both starters. Chicken & Fish surprisingly go well together.

The main course was Thai Vegetable Curry, Chicken Stir Fry, Prawn Curry, Red Chicken Curry, Coconut Rice and the Vegetable Tempura I forgot to pick. My boyfriend went for all the chicken options accompanied with coconut rice. He truly truly loves Chicken. If we only had a Chicken farm…

I had Prawn Curry, Chicken stir fry and some coconut rice. Ever since I moved to Mombasa, I’ve developed some uncontrollable love for Prawns. And whoever prepared this specific Prawn Curry got me real good. I enjoyed eating it. And I tried getting my boyfriend to taste the prawns, he refused then later he was like “Those prawns really looked good.”

We finished off with Tropical Fruit Salad that had fresh mint in it. And it was a good ‘palate cleanser’ of some sort even though we were only having lemonades afterwards.

Strawberry & Passion fruit Lemonades

I had a great Thai Food experience because I got everything that Thai cuisine should offer. The thing with Thai food is that it has to demonstrate great flavour, texture, color, taste, smell, the use of ingredients with medicinal value as well as great context. Thai cooking may look simple but it’s not entirely about simplicity; it’s about using a variety of different elements to create a harmonious finish.

Will I be going back to The Kitchen Bistro & Bar anytime soon? Sure will, probably to have some of their signature Italian-French dishes.


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