The Yul’s Burger

I just remembered Thee Burger I had last weekend and I feel like I’m about to cry right now…😭

Last Sunday a very good friend of Mr.Man invited us to lunch at his place. He had prepared Ugali & Fried Goat Meat mixed with Spinach. Was it good or GOOD!!!? It had been a while since I had had Ugali & Goat so I really enjoyed and appreciated that meal. In between relaxing and having drinks, our friend suggests we step out and go to the beach. In my head I’m thinking the actual beach to swim, sunbathe and stuff; didn’t know I was about to have one outstanding foodie experience.

So out we went and we ended up at Yul’s. Yul’s Aquadrom & Restaurant is in Mombasa, along the Bamburi Beach. It has been around since 1989(makes me feel really young by the way) and I have never been there before. However, Yul’s is a very famous joint; known mostly for watersports & it’s food.

And being my first time there, my expectations were very high. Mostly because of the good word people put out there about the place and it’s food. And our friend couldn’t stop taking about their burgers, yet we’d just had Ugali. I am glad he was so persistent in ordering the burgers even though I could barely sit because my stomach was really full.

The burgers came and it was love at first sight 😍😋 . I had a Beef Burger with a side of Fries. It really looked good; and that was a big plus for me because I gotta eat with my eyes first.

Has your mouth ever started to water as you got a whiff of a yummy burger? Have you ever suddenly become hungry after seeing a beautiful burger yet you’ve already had a meal? It was big, smelled great and everything else about it was just right. Soft buns, fresh lettuce, red onion and tomato slices; well seasoned and cooked patty. And I must say I love the patty a little greasy, with lots of sauces and molten cheese. Let it drip! And you haven’t had a great burger if you’ve never had sauces and meat juices oozing out the burger and dripping down your fingers.

That is an experience. The ultimate burger experience.

Okay, now I’m hungry… 🤦🏽‍♀

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