So I have off here for a while, not sharing recipes and all but I am here. I thought running a food business would be fun and games at least just because I love cooking. But no. It is so hectic. Cooking is just about 30% of everything and I’m not even going to lie. I’m incredibly sleepy even as I write this, just finished prepping some deliveries. So far, it’s all good and I’m enjoying it even though it can be unbelievably tiring.

Then I’m also working on my YouTube channel. Yaaay!! I have a really dope kitchen, I spend so many hours in there so trust me, I’m bound to do lots in that kitchen because I pay for it. And I thought shooting a cooking video is a 5 minute affair; it is not! Shock on me. Three quarters the time I’m always looking at the food instead of facing the camera a lot more. Or stammering because of anxiety. But I’ll get used to it and get it going like a pro. Just wait and see.
In regards to that, it’s really kind & sweet of y’all to be here; following me on IG (subscribe to my YouTube channel by the way Delish Eats & Sips ) & reading my blog posts. That means a whole lot to me.

I’ll keep working to ensure I create quality content to share with you.

Thank You for being here.


PS: Check Out my YouTube teaser.

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