Hi Y’all 😄

My name is June. And I love food… Very unapologetic about it by the way.

My affair with food started way back when I was around 10 years old. I enjoyed hanging out in the kitchen to watch how everything was prepared and of course to help around; while being the household ‘taster’. Soon enough I could prepare certain dishes on my own and my love for everything culinary kept growing. I wanted to know more about the foods around me and others from around the world.

So I’d watch cooking shows regularly, read cookbooks and hoard lifestyle magazines that had recipes at the back pages to refer to later when I wanted to make something really special. Other than learning from my mum and aunties, that is how I mostly taught myself much of the cooking I know.

Fast forward and years later I still enjoy cooking. And eating 😂. And sharing everything I create in the kitchen with everyone around me.