​Pita bread is a round, leavened flatbread that is mostly consumed in several Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. It is traditionally an Arabic bread. The main characteristic of this bread is that it is flat but has a pocket between the two flat layers. ‘Pita‘ is a Greek term, which literally translates to ‘flat’.  I … More HOMEMADE PITA BREAD 


Happy Holidays Loves 🙂  Long time! I hope you all had a great day celebrating the birth of Christ. I bet you had lots of good food that I’d have loved to see (and definitely eat 🙂 ) And for the first time I didn’t take pictures of all the food I prepared so I … More MANGO CHICKEN


Mango Season is back in Mombasa! 💃💃💃 I’m crazy about Mangoes. It’s a joy walking in the market and picking Mangoes that you can eat with a little salt and chilli;that you can cut up in stripes and use in salads; that you can cook with or make condiments with. Chutneys are fruit, vinegar and … More MANGO CHUTNEY 


If you are big on quick and easy meals then this is for you. Good thing about this dish is, you can throw anything you have into the mix so long as you still have your eggs and Noodles. It is especially a great breakfast dish but you could have it any time of the … More NOODLE OMELETTE