Easy to cook, healthy and tasty… This Chickpea curry is exactly what you need to add to your dinners and even lunches. INGREDIENTS 3 cups pre-cooked Chickpeas 3 Tomatoes, puréed 2 white onions, thinly chopped 1 tablespoon Tomato paste 1 teaspoon minced Garlic 2 tablespoons Curry masala 1 teaspoon Garam masala 1/4 teaspoon Chilli powder … More CHICKPEA CURRY


For a very long time I have had a great dislike for oats. Cooked oats. And it’s mainly because when I had oats for the first time in my life, they were in porridge form. A little ‘slimy’ with a very strange taste that I cannot define to date. Perhaps the person who prepared it … More QUICK PAN GRANOLA


Potatoes feature prominently on my cheat days’ menu; and there’s always fresh Cabbage to accompany them. I really love potatoes and I cannot resist them. Could be a result of where I grew up. It’s a staple there. I am always down for French fries, Viazi Karai, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes & these Bhajias. And … More BHAJIA & COLESLAW