For a very long time I have had a great dislike for oats. Cooked oats. And it’s mainly because when I had oats for the first time in my life, they were in porridge form. A little ‘slimy’ with a very strange taste that I cannot define to date. Perhaps the person who prepared it … More QUICK PAN GRANOLA

Coffee Pancakes

I am crazy about pancakes. And I pretty much prefer having them instead of toast in the morning. I mainly love them because they’re easy to experiment different flavours on and they’re fun to make. The first time I made Coffee pancakes it was pretty accidental. I was mixing my ingredients right under the shelf … More Coffee Pancakes


If you are big on quick and easy meals then this is for you. Good thing about this dish is, you can throw anything you have into the mix so long as you still have your eggs and Noodles. It is especially a great breakfast dish but you could have it any time of the … More NOODLE OMELETTE 


Sweet and Crunchy. That simply describes these delicious treats. French Toast Sticks are perfect for breakfasts; weekdays or weekends. Everyone will love it including the kids. They are really easy to make and eat😉 INGREDIENTS 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 4 slices bread 2 tablespoons butter/Margarine Honey (for serving) METHOD In a medium bowl, … More FRENCH TOAST STICKS 


Wanna restore good health? How about you add some superfoods into your meals. There’s a wide variety of foods we tend to ignore. Kales for examples. How many of us genuinely have Kales for breakfast? And I recently discovered there’s something called ‘Kale Breakfast Bowl’. Like kale based breakfasts. Just a whole bowl full of … More KALE & MUSHROOM STUFFED OMELETTE : Cooking With Jaz